Organization FAQs

How to edit already approved(Automatically/Manually) service hours?

Step 1: Click on the date on which the opportunity happened as shown below. Step 2: Go to the respective opportunity and click on “Manage Volunteers”. Step 3: Now, Please click on the “clock” symbol which is on the extreme right side. Step 4: Click on the “pencil” symbol as shown below. Step 5: Enter […]

How to assign a volunteer to multiple occurences at once?

Step 1: Click on “Show more” option above the calendar as shown below. Step 2: Now, click on “Assign volunteers to multiple occurrences”. Step 3: Please select the recurrence in the pop window. Step 4 & 5: Select the Repeats, start date and end date of the occurrences as shown below and click on “Next” […]

How to make organization volunteer opportunities page as private?

Step 1: Click on “Organization info” tab. Step 2: Check the box “Make the opportunities visible only to my organization volunteers”. Step 3: Click on “Save”.   When the organization selects this option, only volunteers associated with the organization will be able to see the opportunities and do the signup. The volunteer will have to […]

How to share your organization page URL with your volunteers?

You can share the organization page URL by using the “Communication” feature in the organization dashboard, where you can send emails to your volunteers. To get your organization link Click on “icon” on the top right side corner in your dashboard and click on “View profile”.

Can we promote our volunteer opportunities through social media?

Yes, you can promote the opportunities on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+  After creating an opportunity you get this option to share on different platforms.  If you forget to share the opportunity after creating, you can always do that by visiting the respective opportunity page as shown below.

Can I add programs under a specific department?

After a successful login, at the bottom of your dashboard, you can see the ‘Program’ and ‘Department’ icons. Programs can be viewed by the public but Department is generally used to manage volunteers internally hence they are not put together. The services your organization does for the community are programs and the groupings done for similar job […]