Organization Help

How to assign drop-in volunteer(s)?

Step 1: Select the opportunity you want to assign the drop-in volunteers. Step 2:  Click on “Actions”, which you can see to the right-hand side of the pop-up. Step 3: Now, click on “Edit” as shown below. Step 4:Increase the volunteer count if no slots are available. Step 5: Click on “Update position” at the bottom […]

How to use “Notes” when a volunteer doesn’t show up for service?

Step 1: Click on the date of the opportunity as shown below. Step 2: Find the opportunity and Click on “Manage Volunteers”. Step 3: Now, go to the volunteer, who didn’t turn up for the service and click on “Excuse Absence”. Step 4:  After clicking on “Excused Absence”, enter the notes and click on “save”. […]

How to make use of waitlist?

Waitlist: Written Instruction To enable waitlist, go to organization info In preferences, select waitlist There are two options provided Use the backup bot which automatically assigns volunteer based on the order In case we select, “Use the backup bot” if any volunteer backs out from the position, the system automatically assigns next volunteer who is in […]

How to create a fixed schedule position?

Fixed schedule position: Written Instruction Click on “New volunteer opportunity” on the home page and select fixed schedule position. List the title of the volunteer opportunity and the number of volunteers needed. Designate whether the opportunity is for individuals, groups or both. Describe what the position entails, including job description, location and the goal of that […]

How can I add/assign volunteers to my shift?

To assign the volunteers, go to the position and click on action button which is to the rightmost. It will pop-up some options, select assign option which will display volunteer list. Select the shift and choose the volunteers whom you want to assign.  

How can I update my shift timings?

To update the shift timings, go to the position and click on action button which is to the rightmost. It will pop-up some options, select edit and then go to shift timing to edit the shift timings.

Do non profit organizations receive any discount?

You can get detailed pricing information in this If any special assistant needed feel free to email us or call us at (913) 708-8426. We’d be happy to help you.