Waitlist: Written Instruction

  • To enable waitlist, go to organization info
  • In preferences, select waitlist
  • There are two options provided

Use the backup bot which automatically assigns volunteer based on the order

  • In case we select, “Use the backup bot” if any volunteer backs out from the position, the system automatically assigns next volunteer who is in the wait-list based on the order
  • Once the opportunity is filled up and If any new volunteer tries to signup, it shows join wait-list
  • Now click on wait-list in the actions, to see the waiting list volunteers.
  • If any volunteer backs out from the position then the Waitlist order-1 is automatically substituted for that position.

I will assign myself

  • If the organization selects the second option, “I will assign myself”
  • Click on wait-list in the actions
  • To approve the volunteers on the waitlist manually based on the preference.

Note: We are providing this feature at the demand of the organization. Please contact [email protected] to enable this feature.